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Wind turbine composite rotor blade inspection and repair

Inspections, repair and maintenance of wind turbine rotor blades are paramount to ensure the efficiency of a wind turbine.

OPS Wind are able to provide qualified, competent blade technicians for all types of inspections and repairs, both onshore and offshore utilising a variety of techniques, including Rope Access.

OPS are proud to bring a higher level of professionalism and experience to the rotor blade composite repair sector, with access to the latest technological advancements for inspection and repairs, such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Man hanging from wind turbine repairing blade

OPS Wind Blade Repair Technicians are able to complete a variety of tasks, including:

  • Tip repairs
  • Leading-edge erosion
  • Trailing and leading-edge
  • Lightning damage
  • Composite laminate damage
  • Repairs to cracks and faults
  • Shipping damage
  • Transportation and construction damage
  • End/Out of Warranty campaigns
  • Thermal inspections
  • Lightning protection system testing/repair
  • Blade furniture installation and repair
  • UAV inspection
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